New work at SOUNDkitchen’s STONEsoup

I’ve just completed a new 5 minute piece composed especially for SOUNDkitchen’s STONEsoup event this Friday 4th March at mac, Birmingham. 12 sound artists have submitted up to 5 minutes of composed material or field recordings sourced in Birmingham. The contributions have been mixed by SOUNDkitchen’s artistic director Annie Mahtani into a one hour concert that will be diffused over the BEAST multichannel sound system.

My piece Tesseral Form No. 2 (Residence) draws sounds from my archive of recordings made around Birmingham city centre along with sounds sourced in a couple of houses I’ve lived in in Brum over the years. The work is the second in an ongoing series provisionally entitled ‘Tesseral Forms’ that uses articulated blocks of sound as a structural process much like the tiles in a mosaic. In this piece I was interested in the juxtaposition of internal and external spaces, domestic and public.

tessera |ˈtesərə|
noun ( pl. tesserae |ˈtesərē|)
a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosa

Click on the image for more info about the gig on the SOUNDkitchen website.

Residence – for STONEsoup


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