World Listening Day

Sunday 18th July 2011 was World Listening Day, an international call to spend some time listening to your soundscape on the anniversary of R. Murray Schaefer‘s birthday. Schaefer defined the concept of the ‘soundscape’ in his book Soundscape: Our sonic environment and the tuning of the world and helped establish the World Soundscape Project both significant in the formation of the area of study now known as Acoustic Ecology.

I wanted to participate in World Listening Day but it was raining in Birmingham. So I listened to the rain for some time and recorded the sound it made falling on the plastic rubbish bins outside my kitchen window. I used contact mics taped to the underside of the bin lids.

It was the first time I had recorded anything in a while. It was nice to engage with sound again in such a focused way, to spend time enjoying the pleasure of simply listening. I listened for quite a long time but you can listen to some short excerpts if you like.

Rain on wheelie bin contact mics

Rain on rubbish bin contact mics

© Iain Armstrong

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  1. marcus belben Says:

    I was listening to rain on canvas of our tent in Shropshire. Along with musty tent smell something really comforting in it. Wish I had

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