Garden Pond Life – Birmingham UK

I added a small pond to my garden at the beginning of the summer last year, one of the moulded PVC ones. I potted up some marginals, dropped in some oxegenating plants and took delivery of some tadpoles from a friend.  By the end of July, nature had worked her magic as wildlife had begun to establish itself.

I made this recording using hydrophones from Jez Riley French. I can recommend his products (I have some of his contact mics too), they’re well made, competitively priced and produce great results. I have the ‘basic’ models but understand he has since improved the design with his ‘C’ series.


This recording features with other field recordings and processed material in a live laptop set I performed last year.

A couple of the frogs survived to return and spawn in the pond this year. It looks like the tadpoles have begun to hatch. I’ll be making some more recordings in the coming months.

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2 Responses to “Garden Pond Life – Birmingham UK”

  1. Felix Says:

    I love a good pond recording. I got some JRF hydrophones recently and have been delighted by the secret world of aquatic sounds which they reveal. Are all the tiny sounds in this recording made by frogs and tadpoles?

  2. Iain Armstrong Says:

    To be honest I’m not sure, I’m afraid my species identification is not very good! I think some of the sounds are from the aquatic plants, I assume as they release oxygen. I also understand insects such as water boatmen make sounds.

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