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I’ve recently completed work on the sound design for a piece of new theatre Heartbeats & Algorithms. Written and performed by Jenny Lee, this one woman play tells the story of Banks, a programmer who develops an algorithm that can predict the decisions people will make.

A woman designs an algorithm that will predict the decisions of people in seemingly unpredictable predicaments. In the process of perfecting the algorithm she ends up creating a programme that gets to know her better than she knows herself, and discovers her most intimate secret. As a result, it predicts that she will soon find herself in an unpredictable predicament…

Heartbeats & Algorithms is a dark, heart-achingly funny story that conjures up a seductive, inescapable world of information use and abuse and examines the leading role our technology plays in our lives.

Director Valentina Ceschi (Dancing Brick) has opted for very minimal staging with no set and simple lighting that focuses attention on the character, her story and the sound which plays a significant role in supporting the narrative. The sound design consists of ambient sounds signifying the various settings in the story both literal, such as and office and a tube station, and the abstract, virtual space of an online forum. I also created a sonic representation of the algorithm that haunts the narrator using coil pick up recordings of computers and other electronic devices.

Following a successful preview at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington on 27.07.15 the show will run for the month of August at Pleasance This at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Find out more on the Heartbeats & Algorithms website where you can book tickets and follow Banks on Instagram.


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