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Radiophrenia Broadcast

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station broadcasting from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts 24 hours a day from 13th-26th May 2019. You can stream online or tune into 87.9FM if you’re in Glasgow.

I submitted a one hour programme to their open call with Annie Mahtani under our SOUNDkitchen banner which was selected for broadcast on 22 May 2019 at 10am. The programme, called The Travelling Ear, includes Ilha Verde.1 a recording of a live duo performance using field recordings from São Migeul , Azores and live electronics. There is also one of Annie’s studio compositions Aeolian composed from field recordings from College Valley, Northumberland and my work Annapurnal Pastoral: One Hundred Springs, a soundscape composition composed with field recordings from Nepal.

If you’re unable to tune in Ilha Verde.1 is also available to stream and buy on bandcamp.

Wanderlust Broadcast

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Iain Armstrong – Live at SOUNDkitchen: World Listening Day 2013

A recording of a soundscape performance I gave at SOUNDkitchen on world Listening Day 2013 was broadcast on 17 December 2018, 22:00 (CET), on Wanderlust, Cashmere Radio, Berlin. Wanderlust is a regular programme of long form field recording, soundscape and experimental composition. If you’d like to listen again the broadcast is available in the Cashmere Radio archive here. The track is also available to stream or own on my bandcamp page here.



SOUNDkitchen Release Ilha Verde.1

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

Last summer I attended Sound+Environment 2017 a conference at Hull University for artists and researchers exploring the relationships between sound and the environment. I was there with Annie Mahtani and together we performed as SOUNDkitchen. We played a 30min set using field recordings from a trip to São Miguel island in the Azores combined with live electronics. We performed on HEARO, the Hull 30 channel loudspeaker orchestra using ambisonic sound spatialisation and made an ambisonic recording of the performance. The track features calls of native wildlife, the interactions of wind and water on the natural and build environment and the sound of human activity and technology. 

I’m happy to announce the release of ‘Ilha Verde.1’ on Bandcamp. You can download a stereo mix for any price you like – including for free! If you’d like a multichannel file for full surround sound immersion in the wonderful soundscapes we recorded then for a small fee you can choose from a variety of multichannel formats including ambisonic B Format. Oh and there’s a bonus binaural mix too for those headphone moments. 

SOUNDkitchen SOUNDwalk: Ponta Delgada

Friday, April 14th, 2017


I’ve just returned from a trip to São Miguel island in the Azores where I devised and led a soundwalk as part of Invisible Places 2017. I worked with Annie Mahtani to create the walk under the SOUNDkitchen banner. We’ve documented the walk on the SOUNDkitchen website so if you’d like to read more click here.

This trip forms part of an ongoing research and development project and I also spent several days making field recordings around the island. I’ll be posting more about my work on the island soon but in the meantime why not enjoy this edited mix of sounds encountered on our SOUNDwalk in Ponta Delgada:

SOUNDkitchen Performance Review

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

There’s a nice review by Nathan Thomas of the SOUNDkitchen event on 13/09/14 over on the Fluid Radio website. It includes some positive thoughts on my performance with Annie Mahtani.

We are looking forward to performing an 8 channel version at the Metanast event at MediaCity on Friday. We played a similar set in Montpellier earlier this year and there’s an excerpt of of this performance on soundcloud.

September Performances

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014


I have a couple of gigs coming up performing with Annie Mahtani as SOUNDkitchen. We will be playing a live laptop set mixing and manipulating field recordings with live electronics. The first gig is Sat 13 September at SOUNDkitchen Series #03, at VIVID Projects in Digbeth, Birmingham. Also on the bill are local AV act Formuls (James Dooley and Matt Parker) and a new collaboration between electronic musician Ben Ramsay and bass player Chris Mapp.

MET MCUK Sep 2014 Flyer

The second performance will be at Metanast in the Digital Performance Lab at Media City UK, Salford on Friday 26th September. This event includes two concerts, the first presenting acousmatic music diffused and the second features live performances, both on a 16 channel system. We’ll be performing a multichannel set for this event alongside artists such as Robert Curgenven and Rodrigo Constanzo.


SOUNDkitchen – The Forum, Norwich 29.01.13

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013


I’m looking forward to performing with SOUNDktichen at The Forum in Norwich on 29th January as part of the Sonic Arts Series No.71 run by University of East Anglia music department.

We’ll be presenting a live multi-channel performance in response to the theme of ‘Acoustic Architecture’. Working with field recordings, live processing and spatialisation we will explore three sonic spaces. Travelling between natural environments, man-made structures and unreal soundscapes, the performance ends in and entirely abstract soundworld that plays with the spatial and acoustic properties of the Forum itself.

I’ll be performing with SOUNDkitchen’s James Carpenter and Julien Guillamat.

Also on the programme are performances from Diemo Schwarz (IRCAM), Sebastian Lexer and the university Sonic Arts Ensemble.

More info on times and tickets here.

Imperfect Cinema Collaboration – Supersonic 2011

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

As part of last year’s Supersonic Festival 2011 I worked with Annie Mahtani from SOUNDkitchen on a collaboration with micro-cinema collective Imperfect Cinema. Inspired by their DIY punk roots Imperfect Cinema invited festival goers to record small amounts of footage of the festival on Super 8 cameras which they then collected, digitised and edited into a 15min film. Annie and I collected field recordings from around the festival and compsed a soundtrack for the film to be edited to – all in 48hrs! The final film was screened at the festival in the Custard Factory theatre on the Sunday evening.

Supersonic 2012 is coming up in October and looks set to be a fantastic 10th year celebration. Imperfect Cinema are back and discussions are underway for SOUNDkitchen to put in an appearance too!

By Dan Paolantonio & Allister Gall. A collaborative short film shot on super8mm film by attendees of the 2011 Supersonic Festival. This film was informed by a workshop held by Imperfect Cinema in which the IC project and the super-8mm medium were explored in terms of potential synergies and dialogues with sonic arts, with a particular emphasis on location and materiality and 'foraging' as a production methodology (with the films of Margaret Tait and Marie Menken used as examples). Working with Sonic Arts collective Soundkitchen (who produced the audio for this film) who describe themselves as 'Cinema for the Ears' we asked our film-makers to consider the visual material they gathered in terms of its potential for becoming 'Music for the Eyes.' We were also particularly inspired by Capsule's 'Home of Metal' project and how this presented the aesthetic of Heavy Metal Music as a manifestation of the industry of the West Midlands. Similarly we asked our filmmakers to consider not only the post-industrial landscape of the Custard Factory (the venue for the festival) but also the reflexivity of the analogue materials used to capture the images in the first place (film stock). Following shooting Imperfect Cinema hand processed the film stocks overnight (in a travel lodge bathroom) then converted the film images to digital video files (telecine transfer) and finally edited the visual elements to the soundtrack produced by SoundKitchen for screening on that day. During the edit we aimed to focus upon images which we felt conjured feelings of the elemental, with a particular emphasis on fire and water, as we felt that this fit with the notion of Heavy Metal music being 'forged' in the West Midlands. The entire process from the start of the workshop to the screening in the Custard Factory Arts Centre Cinema was a little over 24 hours! We hope you enjoy this alternative document of the 2011 Supersonic Festival and indeed can experience it as Music for the Eyes!

NoiseFloor 2012

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


My next performance will be at NoiseFloor festival in Stafford on 3rd May.

SOUNDkitchen have been invited to play and we are busy preparing a continuous relay style set (very Olympics) that includes solos from Shelly Knotts and me and a duo from Annie Mahtani and Julien Guillamat. Each performer segues into the next via a short improvised duet, by way of a handover. I’ll be playing a laptop set of around 20 mins using field recordings and some live processing. The entire performance will be diffused by James Carpenter over the festival’s multichannel system.

The gig is at 17:45, Staffordshire University campus. The festival runs from 1st – 4th May and is presenting work from over 50 artists in 9 concerts, talks and installations.

more info at

BiLE Performs at Network Music Festival

Monday, January 16th, 2012


Image: Antonio Roberts

I’ll be performing with BiLE on 27.01.12 (28.01.12 rescheduled) at Birmingham’s first Network Music Festival. This is set to be a fantastic 3 day festival of international artists discussing, presenting and performing new musical forms and ideas where networking is central to the aesthetics, creation or performance practice of the work. The programme includes Benoit and The Mandelbrots, Barcelona Laptop Orchestra, Glitchlich, Jack Harris and Samuel Rogers and more.


Also look out for the first SOUNDkitchen event of the year on 26.01.12 where we’ll be launching the Network Music Fetival with a selection of Brimingham based electronic acts including Juneau Brothers, Lash Frenzy and Freecode. There is also another opportunity to hear the SOUNDKitchen multichannel radio installation that I composed called Theatre of the Mind.