A Journey Round My Theatre

September 27th, 2015 by Iain Armstrong


‘A Journey Round My Theatre’ is now available online to download for you to enjoy at your leisure in the foyer spaces of Birmingham Repertory Theatre. You can also borrow mp3 players and headphones from the box office or stream over their free wi-fi. I was commissioned by KILN Ensemble to work with Olivia Winteringham to realise her concept for this architectural soundwalk featuring her grandfather Graham Winteringham, the architect of the REP.

There is further information on the flyer, plus a helpful map to guide you around. Download the PDF flyer and map here.


For more information about this project visit the project page.

Heartbeats & Algorithms

August 1st, 2015 by Iain Armstrong





















I’ve recently completed work on the sound design for a piece of new theatre Heartbeats & Algorithms. Written and performed by Jenny Lee, this one woman play tells the story of Banks, a programmer who develops an algorithm that can predict the decisions people will make.

A woman designs an algorithm that will predict the decisions of people in seemingly unpredictable predicaments. In the process of perfecting the algorithm she ends up creating a programme that gets to know her better than she knows herself, and discovers her most intimate secret. As a result, it predicts that she will soon find herself in an unpredictable predicament…

Heartbeats & Algorithms is a dark, heart-achingly funny story that conjures up a seductive, inescapable world of information use and abuse and examines the leading role our technology plays in our lives.

Director Valentina Ceschi (Dancing Brick) has opted for very minimal staging with no set and simple lighting that focuses attention on the character, her story and the sound which plays a significant role in supporting the narrative. The sound design consists of ambient sounds signifying the various settings in the story both literal, such as and office and a tube station, and the abstract, virtual space of an online forum. I also created a sonic representation of the algorithm that haunts the narrator using coil pick up recordings of computers and other electronic devices.

Following a successful preview at the Kings Head Theatre in Islington on 27.07.15 the show will run for the month of August at Pleasance This at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Find out more on the Heartbeats & Algorithms website where you can book tickets and follow Banks on Instagram.



April 27th, 2015 by Iain Armstrong


My work ‘Annapurna Pastoral – One Hundred Springs‘ has been programmed in BEAST FEaST a three-day festival at the University of Birmingham 30/04 – 02/05 2015.

My work will be played in the Dome Room in the Bramall Building on a 20 channel loudspeaker system. Following an invitation from BEAST I have just been in residence at the studios preparing a 20 channel version of my piece that was originally composed in 5 channels.

There is more info on the piece and an excerpt in a previous post here.

The concert is at 8pm and BEAST FEaST continues until the evening of Saturday 2nd May with paper presentations, installations and concerts featuring the work of David Prior, Peter Batchelor, Manuella Blackburn and Annie Mahtani amongst others.

Birmingham REP Soundwalk

March 26th, 2015 by Iain Armstrong

Birmingham Rep + Library of Birmingham – 2014-02-11 – Andy Mabbett – 01” by Andy MabbettOwn work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

I have recently been enjoying working with Olivia Winteringham of KILN Ensemble who I collaborated with previously on the theatre piece ‘A Journey Round My Skull’. This time we have been producing a recorded soundwalk around the public spaces of the Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Olivia’s grandfather Graham Winteringham was the architect of the theatre which he designed and built in 1971. The soundwalk takes the form of an architectural audio tour and features Graham talking about his design, some of the challenges he faced and the odd anecdote. The piece is interspersed with field recordings from around the theatre including backstage areas, the main auditorium, rehearsal spaces and administration offices.

Like the sound design for ‘A Journey Round My Skull’ the soundwalk was mostly recorded binaurally in order to create a realistic spatial representation in sound when listened to on headphones.

The 40min soundwalk will soon be available online as a free download for the public to enjoy in the foyer spaces of the REP.

A Journey Round My Skull – Spring 2015

January 4th, 2015 by Iain Armstrong
A journey round my skull production shot

Photographs © Jonathan Blackford 2014


KILN’s production of A Journey Round My Skull has a few performance dates in the next couple of months.

Thurs 22nd Jan: Havant, Hampshire, The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, 7:30pm

Tues 3rd Feb: Exeter Phoenix, 8pm

Thurs 5th Feb: Ormskirk, The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, 7:30pm

Wed 25th Feb: Lancaster, The Dukes, 7:30pm

I produced the sound design for the production which had a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer. You can read more about the show, hear some sound and watch a trailer here.

City of the Blind – Free for Jan 2015

January 4th, 2015 by Iain Armstrong
city of the blind promo image

City of the Blind promotional image. Photo: Minttu Mäntynen. Concept: David Leddy. Pictured: Claire Knight.

Last year I worked as assistant sound designer to Pippa Murphy on City Of The Blind, a multi-media political thriller written and directed by David Leddy. Designed for smartphones and tablets, this groundbreaking drama presents its story through text, audio, video and photos.

During January 2015 it is available for free!



The Tell-Tale Heart Autumn Tour

September 24th, 2014 by Iain Armstrong


The 2014 Autumn tour of Little Earthquake’s The Tell-Tale Heart begins in October. Laurence Saunders gives a brilliant performance as Poe’s tormented narrator Simon and I join him on stage as his Doctor, revealing the sonic details of Simon’s murderous tale with an array of props and vegetables.

Have you ever envisaged the sound a dismembered human body might make? Well in Little Earthquake’s adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s gruesome short story The Tell Tale Heart, sound is the play’s third character…

As Simon retells the story, Iain provides the sounds from a table of strange and fascinating props. In fact, the audience are in awe of what prop will be used next… This is a great way to retell a Gothic classic and Saunders creation of the mad nurse is worth the ticket price alone.

Matt Jarram, Loughborough Echo

With support from several Rural Touring promoters we’ll be playing the following dates:


TTHboth04/10/14 Smethwick, Black Country Touring

22/10/14 Chester, Cheshire Rural Touring Arts

25/10/14 Malvern, Live and Local

31/10/14 Bromyard, Arts Alive

01/11/14 Tattenhall, Cheshire Rural Touring Arts

14/11/14 Caistor, Lincolnshire Rural & Community Touring

15/11/14 Wickenby, Lincolnshire Rural & Community Touring

30/11/14 Matlock, Live and Local



For full details and booking info visit the Little Earthquake website.

SOUNDkitchen Performance Review

September 21st, 2014 by Iain Armstrong

There’s a nice review by Nathan Thomas of the SOUNDkitchen event on 13/09/14 over on the Fluid Radio website. It includes some positive thoughts on my performance with Annie Mahtani.

We are looking forward to performing an 8 channel version at the Metanast event at MediaCity on Friday. We played a similar set in Montpellier earlier this year and there’s an excerpt of of this performance on soundcloud.

September Performances

September 3rd, 2014 by Iain Armstrong


I have a couple of gigs coming up performing with Annie Mahtani as SOUNDkitchen. We will be playing a live laptop set mixing and manipulating field recordings with live electronics. The first gig is Sat 13 September at SOUNDkitchen Series #03, at VIVID Projects in Digbeth, Birmingham. Also on the bill are local AV act Formuls (James Dooley and Matt Parker) and a new collaboration between electronic musician Ben Ramsay and bass player Chris Mapp.

MET MCUK Sep 2014 Flyer

The second performance will be at Metanast in the Digital Performance Lab at Media City UK, Salford on Friday 26th September. This event includes two concerts, the first presenting acousmatic music diffused and the second features live performances, both on a 16 channel system. We’ll be performing a multichannel set for this event alongside artists such as Robert Curgenven and Rodrigo Constanzo.


Women Box – Training Is The Opposite

August 16th, 2014 by Iain Armstrong
laura bowler boxing

Photo: Claire Shovelton

Women Box is a a music-theatre event produced by Size Zero Opera in celebration of the inclusion of women’s boxing in the 2014 Commonwealth Games and the rise of the female conductor. The performance features two new chamber opera commissions; Training Is the Opposite by Jennifer Walshe and Women Conduct by Laura Bowler, both for string quartet and mezzo soprano. Read the rest of this entry »