Anvil & Stirrup

Anvil & Stirrup Live at Audiograft Festival, Jacqueline Du Pres Concert Hall, Oxford 2012.

Anvil & Stirrup_Audiograft_Oxford_2012

This is an edited, stereo reduction of a live performance originally presented in 8 channels. (listening on headphones or good quality speakers is recommended)

Anvil & Stirrup is the collaborative project of composers Iain Armstrong and Antti Sakari Saario. Their collaborative work spans acousmatic composition, interactive installations, performative sound art and more experimental electroacoustic output on fixed media. They are currently developing a performance practice that combines acousmatic sensibilities, live electronics, improvisation and multi-channel spatialisation. Recent Anvil & Stirrup performances include: Audiograft Festival, Oxford; SOUNDkitchen, Birmingham; School of Noises, Falmouth.

Iain Armstrong (Anvil)  is a composer and sound designer based in Birmingham. He works with recordings of the sound environment and explores the interplay of abstract musical ideas and the associations and resonances of recognisable sounds, encouraging people to engage in, and enjoy, the act of listening. His work is presented internationally at concerts, festivals, conferences and broadcasts and spans sound design for dance and theatre, electronic music, multi-channel sound installation and live electroacoustic performance. Armstrong also performs as a solo artist and as a member of the SOUNDkitchen collective where he is also a co-director.

Antti Sakari Saario (Stirrup) is an award winning fixed-media composer fusing acousmatic techniques with eclectic musical and sonic interests.  His work has been performed in over 150+ concerts, dance performances, festivals and installations in  England, Spain, Italy Denmark, Norway, Canada, Germany, Portugal, Mexico and Argentina amongst others and has been broadcast worldwide. Saario’s process and output are always informed by the experiential encounter with one’s environment, whether aural, cultural or purely abstract. Currently he is Head of Music at University College Falmouth incorporating Dartington College of Arts, where along with his teaching he is working on practice-based research into fixed-media composition, its critical and performance inter-disciplinary applications and experimental production techniques.