dirty grooves (2003)  3:50

dirty grooves_2003

This piece takes noise as its starting point, specifically the extraneous or usually unwanted noise associated with the various media used for the playback of sound. The crackle of vinyl before a track begins or after it ends, electrical hum, tape hiss, radio interference, digital noise, static and clicks all bring into focus the mechanics of the medium and its potential to obstruct or interfere with the message. While inherently noisy, harsh and some may say ugly, my intention was always to present this kind of material with a sense of beauty and poise and perhaps a touch of nostalgia. The form is static, lingering, suspending time as if caught in a dirty groove.

Matchine  (2005) 6:20


This piece was inspired by the matchstick, both for its sonic qualities as it is struck and burnt and as an image of an apparently inert object that, when subjected to the appropriate action and input of energy, can transform, switch state into something of fascination and beauty that is momentary, ephemeral. This image acts as a metaphor for the compositional processes employed in the work.

Strange Attractor (2000) 16:45

Strange Attractor_2000

Strange attractor: a fractal image representing the behaviour of a complex system; it illustrates the stability and hidden structure of a system that otherwise seems pattern-less. It shows that Nature is constrained; disorder is channelled into patterns with some common underlying theme.

I was concerned in this piece with the desire for an organic manifestation of form – structures as the product of continuous growth processes, patterns, mutation and transformation, fluidity and flow.

Inner City (2001) 18:06

Inner City_2001

‘In the landscape of the soul, the stream of the Tao flows into a sea of meaning’

Rejecting the familiar sense of urban life as traumatic and chaotic, Inner City presents an alternative view, suggesting the possibility of regeneration. From the outset the constant flux of city life is reflected in the sounds of movement; mechanical, human and natural. These sounds combine to form a dense river-like flow that threatens to engulf the individual. However, it is through a transformation to the actual sound of water, that one may escape and find a deeper consciousness of the natural stream within.

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