Susie Sillett – (sorry)

Hannah Kelly Photography

(sorry) was written by Susie Sillett and commissioned by Birmingham REP as part of their New & Nurtured Season 2017. It was directed by Jennifer Davis, performed by Phoebe Frances Brown, I designed the sound with lighting design by Alex Boucher and set design by Sorcha Corcoran. The show consists of three monologues each giving a snapshot into the life of an unnamed woman, a millennial. Susie’s excellent writing reveals issues that many millennials will relate to: employment or lack of it and the struggle to progress and live independently, loneliness and friendships and the pressure of social media, questions about the nature of life and responsibility for the destruction of the planet.

Here are some sound design excerpts:

Hannah Kelly Photography

(sorry) was presented at The Door, Birmingham REP, 9-11 November 2017

Technically, there is not a weak link either. Iain Armstrong’s subtle sound design fitted the story beautifully. Alongside a captivating use of lighting, and an intricate yet simplistic set consisting of a paper circle, each design element has clearly been well developed.
Jeremy Ulster – Stage Talk Magazine

Alex Boucher’s lighting and Iain Armstrong’s sound design support the performer and help the audience imagine the various settings of the stories. …It all adds up to a taut production, a snapshot of life for young adults, with laughs aplenty and pain in abundance.
William Stafford – Bum On A Seat