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World Listening Day Performance on Bandcamp

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

SOUNDkitchen 180713 cover image

I gave a live laptop performance on World Listening Day, 18.07.2013 at a SOUNDkitchen event at the Bull’s Head in Birmingham. The set features the following field recordings mixed with some additional material and live electronics:

- St Salvator’s Church Bells: Casalbordino, Italy
- Coin Offerings at the Temple of the Reclining Buddha: Bangkok, Thailand
- Rain on Metal Staircase: Istanbul, Turkey
- Adhan (Call To Prayer): Istanbul, Turkey
- Khaen Player on Sampang Lane: Bankok Thailand
- Bangkok to Kanchanaburi Train: Thailand
- Musicians in Cuihu (Green Lake) Park: Kunming, China
- Buddhist Chanting at Wat Phai Ngoen: Bangkok, Thailand
- Birds at Kunming Market: Kunming, China
- Chao Phraya River Boat: Bangkok, Thailand
- Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Bells: Berlin, Germany

A recording of this performance is now available to download from Bandcamp.

An number of the recordings are also available in an unadulterated form on my Gruenrekorder release ‘Sacred & Profane’.