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Creative Change: The Governors’ Perspective

Friday, October 8th, 2010

I’ve just recently finished a film project working with Ian McCormick at ICFILM. The film is called ‘Creative Change: The Governors’ Perspective’ and looks at the benefits and challenges of developing a creative curriculum in two contrasting primary schools from the perspective of the school governors. The two schools we worked with are Change Schools on the Creative Partnerships programme.

The project followed an action research model using film as the medium.  We interviewed the headteachers and a number of governors from each school about their experiences of developing a more creative curriculum. Despite the two schools being quite different in their demographic (one in rural Herefordshire the other in North Birmingham) the challenges and concerns were similar, but the overwhelming response to the impact of the changes were positive. Both schools talked about the increased level of enagagement and motivation in their pupils and governors commented on the relevance of developing creative thinking skills for the wider world and work.

The film was commissioned by Bright Space who deliver the CP programme in Birmingham, Herefordshire and Worcestershire and the film is now being distributed to schools they are currently working with. It is intended to promote increased understanding and engagement from governors in schools who are undergoing changes towards a more creative approach to teaching and learning.

For more information or copies of the film please contact Bright Space.