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NoiseFloor 2012

Monday, April 23rd, 2012


My next performance will be at NoiseFloor festival in Stafford on 3rd May.

SOUNDkitchen have been invited to play and we are busy preparing a continuous relay style set (very Olympics) that includes solos from Shelly Knotts and me and a duo from Annie Mahtani and Julien Guillamat. Each performer segues into the next via a short improvised duet, by way of a handover. I’ll be playing a laptop set of around 20 mins using field recordings and some live processing. The entire performance will be diffused by James Carpenter over the festival’s multichannel system.

The gig is at 17:45, Staffordshire University campus. The festival runs from 1st – 4th May and is presenting work from over 50 artists in 9 concerts, talks and installations.

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