Creative Partnerships

Creative Partnerships LogoIain worked as a sound artist on a number of creative learning projects in schools around the West Midlands as part of the Creative Partnerships programme from 2006 – 2011.


Here is a selection of some of the projects:

Penn Hall SEN School, Wolverhampton

Iain worked at Penn Hall School over the summer term on a project called ‘The Enchanted Worlds of Penn Hall School’. He worked with the whole school to create a fantasy audio trail around the school and its beautiful historic grounds. The pupils identified six locations that they found insipring or were special to them. Working in six groups each group developed a creative response to their location, often using text such as poems and stories. They then worked with Iain to realise their ideas as a soundtrack for the location. Iain worked with graphic designer Nick Smith to produce a map which particpiants could use to navigate around the trail listening to the soundtracks on mp3 players along the way.


In order to document the project and to create an additional resource for the school Iain and Nick produced an interactive CDRom which provides a virtual experience of the trail alongside supporting material.

Click on the image to take a trip around the audio trail. You must have Adobe Flash Player v.10 installeddownload for free here.

penncdfrontClick on the image to take a trip around the audio trail.

Please be patient while the file loads and don’t forget to turn up the volume!

Look Deeper – Old Park Primary, Telford

Iain was one of 9 artists invovled in a very ambitious creative intervention to launch this new school of creativity in Telford.


A mysterious mound appeared in the school grounds and another in the head teachers office. During the course of a week a number of strange things started happening around the school including weird sounds coming from the mounds and cupboards in the corridoors, lights changing colours, furniture moving, hidden UV messages appearing on walls, morse code transmissions and bizzare infections. The artists played a squad of scientists drafted in to investigate the occurences. Working with different classes accross the whole school each practitioner applied their practice to work with the bemused pupils and staff to respond to what was happening.


Aswell as designing the soundscape for the week Iain worked with a year 4 class to research the acoustic phenomena occuring around the school. The pupils recorded and analysed sounds including morse code messages. They wrote responses and translated them into morse code, recorded reports and observations and made alien noises using Audacity. Some of their work was presented as podcasts. Here is an example:

[audio:AB Podcast.mp3|titles=Alien Buster’s podcast]


There was a dedicated website for the project with background information, further examples of the work produced, reports and comments.

Alumwell Business and Enterprise College, Walasll

This Yr 8 project involved an number of artists who worked with pupils to produce responses for an ‘Images of Alumwell’ exhibition event. Iain worked with a group of 20 pupils to produce sound impressions of the school based on field recordings made around the school and its grounds.  The sound pieces were presented in the exhibition as a 4 channel sound installation and also accompanied a photographic slideshow in the school theatre. Other exhibits included digitally manipulated photographic portraits and a video installation.

[audio:16-footsteps-by-asif-jilani.mp3|titles=Sound Composition 1] [audio:1-somebody-make-a-sound-by-sobia-yusif.mp3|titles=Sound Composition 2] [audio:11-jade-peabody-scary-school-life.mp3|titles=Sound Composition 3]

St Patrick’s Primary School, Coventry

Working with Grime artist Prof. D, Iain co-delivered this project for a Yr 4 class. The project was concerned with stimulating boys engagement with literacy. The children wrote and produced a podcast and wrote and recorded original stories with raps and sound effects.

[audio:St_Pats_Podcast.mp3|titles=St Patrick’s CP Podcast]

[audio:silvermanfinal.mp3|titles=Group 1 Rap Story]

[audio:starcatcherfinal.mp3|titles=Group 2 Rap Story]

[audio:monsterflyfinal.mp3|titles=Group 3 Rap Story]

Bentley Drive Primary School, Walsall

On this project Iain worked with a Yr 5 class to produce a podcast on the theme of ‘Walk to School’ that was posted on the school website. The class also recorded and designed space sound effects for space themed computer games being produced by another Yr 5 class.

[audio:walk_to_school_podcast.mp3|titles=Walk To School Podcast|artists=Bentley Drive Yr 5 Sapphire]