Sonic Postcards


Sonic Postcards was a UK wide education programme devised and delivered by Sonic Arts Network (now Sound and Music). It was a unique and innovative project that enables pupils from across the country to explore and compare their local sound environments through the exchange of sound postcards with other schools via the internet. The project focused on the impact of sound on our lives and the possibilities for creativity through the manipulation of sound with technology.  Sonic Postcards was awarded the New Statesman New Media Award for Education in 2006.

I was a workshop leader on a number of Sonic Postcards projects around the country. All of the work produced was available on the fantastic Sonic Postcards website.

2008: Dundee Contemporary ArtsDiscovery Film Festival, Dundee.

I worked with a group of Yr6 & 7 primary children to create a sonic postcard in one day inspired by a film the children had seen at the festival called ‘Rosso come il cielo’ (Red Like The Sky; Dir Cristiano Bortone) inspired by the true story of Mirco Mencacci, one of Italy’s most gifted  sound editors. I also worked with a group of young filmakers to heighten their awareness of the relationships between sound and the moving image.

2008: Audiences Central, Birmingham

Unusually for Sonic Postcards this project involved the adult staff team from Audiences Central. The project was a trial to investigate the potential of the Sonic Postcards model as a diagnostic tool for organisational development.

2007: St Albans Community Centre, Smethwick

This project ran as part of a holiday scheme for 20 young people aged 8-12. It was delivered with support from workshop leader Helena Gough.

st albans sonic postcardsst albans sonic postcards2


2006: Badsey First School, Evesham

This project was co-delivered with Helena Gough. We worked with a group of Yr4/5 pupils to create sonic postcards from their forest school site. The work was presented as a hanging sound installation in the school hall.


2006: Great Barr High School, Birmingham

This was a short follow up project with Yr8 pupils who had been involved with Sonic Postcards the previous year.

2006: Sandallwood School, Doncaster

Working again with Helena Gough the children from this special school in Doncaster really enjoyed exploring the soundscape of their school building, especially the industrial mixer in the kitchen and splashing around in the swimming pool!



2005: Walsall Children’s University, Darlaston

Co-delivered with Helena Gough this project was part of the Walsall Children’s University run during the school summer holidays. The children didn’t seem to mind that we only went to ASDA to record sounds!

2005: Great Barr High School, Birmingham

This project was delivered with Felix Pepler. We worked with a Yr7 class and visited contrasting locations around Birmingham including Spaghetti junction and Cannon Hill Park.



2005: Bournville Junior School, Birmingham

This was my first Sonic Postcards project and I worked with workshop leader Felix Pepler. Being in Bournville we took the Yr6 pupils to Cadbury World which was just across the road. Some of the children were more interested in the free chocolate than recording sounds!