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A Journey Round My Skull – Teaser

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

A Journey Round My Skull (TEASER) from Mathew Beckett on Vimeo.

KILN Ensemble’s A Journey Round My Skull  will be showing at Latitude Festival on 19/07/14 and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 01-24/08/14 at Summerhall. This great teaser was made by Mathew Beckett.

The show’s been getting some great reviews at the fringe. I’ve posted some links on the project page.

A Journey Round My Skull

Friday, February 28th, 2014
A journey round my skull production shot

Photographs © Jonathan Blackford 2014

I recently finished work on the sound design for A Journey Round My Skull by Kindle Theatre. This project has been in development for the last year and is inspired by the extraordinary medical memoir written by Hungarian satirist Frigyes Karinthy. The memoir presents the author’s account of his diagnosis with a brain tumour and its subsequent removal during awake brain surgery.

A journey round my skull production shot

Photographs © Jonathan Blackford 2014

In collaboration with writer Nick Walker, Olivia Winteringham has adapted this memoir into a one woman show in which the tumour and its surgical removal become a metaphor for the lengths one might go to to eradicate painful or embarrassing memories. Frigyes experienced aural hallucinations as a symptom of his condition and we have developed this as a central idea in the work. We also used sound as the medium through which to recreate the experience of brain surgery. This involved research and sound recording inside hospital operating theatres and the use of binaural sound, delivered via headphones, to create an intimate and personal experience for each audience member.

The show opened in the Studio at Bristol Old Vic in February and will be touring in March and May to venues in Cambridge, Manchester, Birmingham, Norwich, Wolverhampton and London. Full details are available on the Kindle website.

Little Earthquake’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’

Sunday, August 18th, 2013


I was never kinder to the old man than in the week before I killed him…

In the heart of a bustling city, a wealthy recluse hides behind a barricade of bolted doors and blacked-out windows. His only companion is a private nurse, entrusted with taking care of him.

After many months of confinement, suspicion and resentment grow between the pair until the nurse hatches a foolproof plan to dispose of his patient. When the deed is done, the silence of the seemingly empty house is quickly shattered by a curious thumping beneath the floorboards…”

I am very excited to be working with Little Earthquake on their new adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’. I will be sharing the stage with the actor Laurence Saunders creating live foley sound effects as he recounts Poe’s dark and gripping tale of murder in the dark.

The show will be touring from the Autumn into Spring 2014 with several bookings already confirmed including Salford, Derbyshire and various venues in the Midlands. You can find more info and booking details on the Little Earthquake events page.