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Audiograft Jukebox 2013

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013


My work ‘Tesseral Form No. 2 (Residence)’ has been included in the online Audiograft Jukebox.  The work is composed of field recordings from Birmingham and the various properties I have lived in over the years. The Audiograft festival is happening in several venues around Oxford from February 25th – March 3rd 2013 and is curated by members of the Sonic Arts Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University.

The festival includes a varied programme of British and international artists including live performances, sound art installations and listening walks. The full programme is available on the Audiograft website.

Anvil & Stirrup Performances

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012


I will be playing with Antti Saario as Anvil & Stirrup at two events in the coming months.

The first gig is at Falmouth’s School of Noises on Thursday 19th January at the Jacob’s Ladder Inn where we’ll playing a live laptop set and a live electronics improv with double bass player Thanos Polymeneas who’s also performing on the night.

The second is Audiograft 2012, Oxford’s festival of sound art and experimental music. We’ll be playing a live laptop set at the Jaqueline Du Pré Concert Hall on 2nd March at 7.30pm. Also on the bill is our friend and ex BEAST composer David Prior and the fantastic Trevor Wishart.

The Audiograft festival runs from Monday 27th February to Sunday 4th March and includes sound installations and performances from the likes of Lee Patterson and Robert Curgenven, ParkinsonSaunders, Paul Whitty, Max Eastley, Jason Kahn and Patrick Farmer.

Audiograft Jukebox

Thursday, February 17th, 2011


Anvil & Stirrup’s ThousandUnfold has been selected for inclusion in an online jukebox as part of the Audiograft festival of sound art and contemporary music in Oxford this week.