I’ve just completed work on a period of research and development for a new one woman show, The Glad Game written and performed by Phoebe Frances Brown. I was working as sound designer alongside director Tessa Walker and film maker Jake Kelsall.

The Glad Game tells Phoebe’s incredible story. In November 2018, aged 26, Phoebe was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumour in the area of her brain that controls speech, language and memory. It’s her story of finding herself in the darkest, bleakest of times, of finding gladness in the saddest of moments and of how who and what you love can pull you through.

The show includes voice notes exchanged between Phoebe and her family and friends and voice overs from a cast of characters alongside music and sound design elements.

Sharings of this work-in-progress are happening at:

Bite Size Festival – Warwick Arts Centre 18 Jan 2020

The Bush Theatre – 05 Feb 2020

Amplify Festival – Nottingham Playhouse 13 Feb 2020

Full production and performances are being planned for autumn 2020.

The Glad Game is supported by Arts Council England, Nottingham Playhouse, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Television Workshop, The Bush Theatre and Leicester Curve. Produced by Pippa Frith.