The new podcast series ‘A Practical Guide To Death’ was released on 22 Novemeber 2021. It was produced by She Wants A Dog and is availble from all the usual podcast distributors (Apple, Google, Spotify etc.) The series is an anthology of short-form dramas exploring the theme of death, the extraordinary subject that literally affects us all. Each drama is accompanied by a discussion episode – where the writers reflect on the themes of their plays with end of life specialists including end of life doulas, therapists and morticians.

I worked as sound designer on the series creating orignal theme music and designing the sound for the five audio dramas. After a somewhat protracted process, due to Covid related delays, it’s great to finally have this work available to the public. The issues raised are all the more relevant as the ongoing pandemic continues to bring death into so many people’s lives.

You can read more on the project page.