One of the few commissions that has continued unabated during the UK lockdown was this project with Humanhood. I have composed 20 minutes of original music for their new outdoor dance duet Sphera. It’s been great working with Humanhood again, albeit remotely with me in the UK and them in Spain. We have worked on several projects together including Orbis in 2017, another outdoor dance piece. Orbis and Sphera were conceived as partner pieces, both inspired by the moon – Orbis the dark side and Sphera the light side. Like Orbis, Sphera is performed on a circular set enclosed with a ring of loudspeakers that place the performers and audience in an immersive sound space created with ambisonic sound techniques. The music for Sphera has a lighter quality than Orbis, combining instrumental and vocal samples with strong rhythmic elements.

Following a few cancellations due to the covid pandemic in both the UK and Spain, the work will be premiered at Greenwich & Docklands International Festival on 5th September 2020. Further performances in the UK and abroad are being discussed. For more info on the GDIF performances click here.

There’s audio and video on the Sphera project page.